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Life if full of stereotypes. Or isn´t it all depends on point of view.

I´m bored. Like every morning, when everything is still asleep. No sunrise yet, fading  darkness is my only companion. It and quiet snore of man lying on the bed. He came a week ago with a woman. They might be on vacation, actually they probably are. Why would they otherwise stay in a hotel room for so long?

But they´re leaving today. I heard them talking about it yesterday while they were packing their belongings in the suit-case. Wardrobes are empty again, and those are really nice wardrobes. A little old fashioned, but elegant, made of red alder wood. Deserve to be always full.

Woman shuffles on the bed. She´ll wake up soon. Finally, the first  rays of sun penetrate through the windows. Or they would penetrate if not dark curtains. I hate those curtains. They're brown, and don´t fit light blue walls at all. I don´t understand how they got here.

Woman finally wakes up and sits on the bed, combing short blond hair with her fingers, and yawns. Indifferently, I watch how she extricate out of the cerulean blankets and goes to the bathroom. Why she didn´t pull those awful curtains? She just has to mind. After all, the walls are blue, bedding also, even the carpet has a sort of vague blue-gray colour. Only those curtains are brown.

Ah, finally. The guy woke up and immediately opened the window. And pulled curtains while doing so. He even leaned out and took a deep breath of cold morning air. Sharp sun rays are immediately stucked into the opposite wall and they begin to fight their eternal battle with bright-blue colour.

Year after year they want bleach it to white, but colour bravely resists.  Hotel manager helps a little, by hiring painters every summer. And sun can fight again. However, it keeps failing to delete colour more then to soft light blue, such as now.

Actually, just for that fleeting glamor hotel staff made the name Light Blue Room. Guests also like it. It has no modern furniture, but who likes a traditional elegance will be satisfied.  

Woman came back to bed and begins to dress. Neither of the pair bothers with making bed. Anyway, they´re going to leave and chamber maids will change the bedding. It´s true, but they could at least straighten rugs. But people are like this nowadays. "If you don´t have to do, don´t do," is their motto.

Hmm, the guy finally begins to dress. Everything takes longer to men. Even those painters, who come here every year, just talk about football, beer, wives and girlfriends for half a day until they finally do something. Then it´s too late for poor manager to get angry, because they were painting four walls from dawn to dusk.

Married couple just came out of the room. They´re going to have breakfast. But they won´t go for a walk later. Not today. They´ll come to get things and go home. And it´s already the time. They slowly started bore me. They were too ... usual. So fall flat. Every day same things to do. Got up early, prepared for about an hour and went to breakfast. They returned just before lunch, to relax a bit and went for lunch at noon. Back again just five minutes before the fourth so man could listen to his favourite sports program on radio, while his wife solved riddles. Later, about the fifth o´clock they left and returned late in evening. And so it went all the week.

I hope new guests come soon, and that they´ll be interesting. After all, to be on one-week  vacation and do exactly the same thing every day is pretty boring. For this they could have choose another room. Three more are upstairs, almost the same, just not as elegantly furnished.

At least manager claimed so, when he visited with some controller once. Perhaps it was his chattiness, or by not finding any defects, but the controller never turned up here again. Why would he? I don´t remember seeing here any other insect than a few flies that flew through the open window and one old spider in the corner behind the wardrobe. I quite like it, it´s so quiet and unobtrusive.  It never disturbs me when I think about something, and it catches those annoying buzzing creatures, which are flying around. Fortunately, the manager or chamber maids have never seen it yet, they wouldn´t be keen by the uninvited guest and they could even try to get rid of it somehow.

No, no. The spider is here for a long time already and will remain here even longer. Who would make me company otherwise? Maid once brought a few geraniums to the window, but poor flowers didn´t survive direct attack of sun, and only straw remained of them a week later.

Hmm, my boring guests have returned from breakfast and are packing last things. Shoo, shoo,   go on! Finally! They´re leaving. While of rest. Again, I´m alone. Not really, because I still have my silent spider tenant but anyways, I'm alone and I don´t like it. Nothing happens and I´m terribly bored.

A little after ten a maid comes to clean and change bedding. Not that she´s in hurry. It looks like she´s waiting for something. Or for someone, I correct myself when handyman comes   inconspicuously. I don´t remember anyone calling him...

Maid, young not even twenty-five years old girl, foolishly chuckles and gives a kiss of welcome to incomer. But, but. You should leave that for after the work. But they´re already cuddling like pair of pigeons. Oh, what a silly youths. And he could be already in his thirties. Instead of having his own family, he makes out with every skirt.

Well, not with every. The last time when an old lady was here and broke the lock on the bathroom door, she called the handyman. And he, in all dignity, didn´t do anything else than his job. I must admit, however, that it was extremely nasty old lady, and had a huge wart on the chin like a witch.

While I was thinking, handyman quickly locked and now he´s showering his sweetheart with kisses. Don´t they have a better place for such confidentiality? Watching they hugging doesn´t entertain me at all. Hmm ... it seems that they have another plans. Maintenance man unzips maid´s uniform with skilled movements. Well, it´s their business. But if manager caught them, it would be something to watch!

I shouldn´t be malicious. They would be probably fired for this and who knows who would take their place. I don´t like stereotype, but the new maid could find my spider, and I would rather prevent it. Therefore, lovers don´t need to worry, I won´t tell a word to manager. After all, secrets are beautiful only when no one knows about them, and I like secrets. So quickly! Go before anyone sees you!

Handyman leaves and breathless maid finally does her work. As usually, she puts basket in front of the door, replaces the bedding and vacuums. While doing so she miss cobweb behind wardrobe and one in the corner of the ceiling and then she leaves.

Hmm... I wonder if the new guests arrive today. After all, being here alone with spider can be pretty boring. But I´ll have to wait for few hours, because guests usually arrive between one and third, and it´s still long way to go.

To my delight, a young family noisily came at three. Well, parents could be in late forties but two boys looked barely for twelve. As all children, they were noisy, disobedient and everywhere.

Although, I admit, last time there was a family with a little girl that was really nice and obedient, but boys are boys. Strictly looking mother tries to calm them, but she doesn´t manage to stop them from leaping on the bed nearest the window. It´s very soft and comfortable bed by the way, and no one has ever complained about it.

I curiously watch how mother tiredly lays the suit-case on one of beds. New guests are, unfortunately, my only distraction. And they look pretty interesting. While parents are superficially unpacking, the kids run to the window and look in all directions. Hopefully they won´t fall out. The fall from the first floor wouldn´t be very dangerous, if not the hedge, which grows down. Landing there would be rather uncomfortable for small tricksters.

After half an hour, the parents decide to go out and guys have to leave their lookout. I hope they´ll return soon. Then I´ll be able to watch them and maybe I´ll see something interesting. Indeed, it´s always fun with the children. At least when they´re not small and cowardly.

Once, some parents were here with a five-year boy who was so greatly afraid of the storm that he spent almost whole night crying, which was not pleasant to hear at all.
Who doesn´t hate crying infants? They just sound horrible. As trumping of hoarse elephant, screaming of monkeys and a fire siren together. And twice as loud!

But these boys are probably old enough not to be scared by a bit of lightning. Not to mention that there is no cloud on sky today, so no storm will probably come. Although... I like storms. They force guests to return to the hotel and sit there until it stops raining. When it´s nice outside, everyone is out and I'm bored.

Unfortunately, it´s still nice, and my new guests don´t return before dinner. It seems they had a busy afternoon. Parents act stressed out, green leaves sticks out of one boy, the other has  bruised knee. What have they experienced? Maybe they fought and one of them ended in the hedge in front of the hotel. Or they were playing chase. They could have even played a hide and seek. One never knows.

Parents barely managed to put their children in the order before dinner time. A cloud appeared on horizon, but I doubt it´ll rain. It´s too small and magged.

After the family returned from dinner, the boys act a little tongue-tied. From the fragments of the conversation I find, that they don´t like cabbage, which was for dinner. At the same time I get to know that they´re going to take a walk, despite only with a daddy. Mommy wants to unpack a little. Women are simply like this. They like to have order in things.  

I was wrong, so much water poured from small clod that it was hard to believe. Father and sons came a few minutes after the end of the pouring rain, completely soaked. After all, who would take an umbrella when he´s just going for a walk and sky is wide blue?

When they took dry clothes, they play cards a little, and then mother decides that it's late and they should go to sleep. Naturally, the boys protest and they are right, because it´s only nine. But mom has reinforcements, and after father promises that they´re going to get up early in the morning to go somewhere before breakfast, both boys obediently get in bed.

By the way, those are very comfortable beds, so they would get a good night's sleep even if they went to bed a little later. Father pulls my disliked curtains and turns off the lamp. Gloom envelops everything. It´s still too early for dark. It seems that I could have some fun with this family. I wonder how long they plan to stay here. Depending on the size of suitcases and bags I´d guess one week.

Won´t they get boring after a week? And what if they´re always out? It would be very unpleasant. I´d be alone again with the spiders. And maybe they won´t stay for whole week.  People often pack on holiday much more than they need. "Just in case." Indeed, it could be only four days or so. In that time they shouldn´t bore me.

I´m looking forward to morning. Why only the night lasts so long? Nights are so uninteresting. It´s quiet everywhere and nothing happens. I don´t like it at all. But at least the sun isn´t trying to remove paint from the walls. On the other hand, those horrible curtains are pulled and I have to look at them. I really don´t know what is better. Probably day. Then at least something is happening.

Who knows what are my new guests going to do tomorrow? Actually, it's today! Time just flies sometimes! Or drags? It´s strange that sometimes minute lasts as long as hour and sometimes the whole day passes in barely hours. I like to think about such paradoxes. They are very interesting. People nowadays don´t think about what they don´t have to. They´re too in hurry, and yet have nowhere to rush.

Their every day is same as previous and the next one. Minor changes in stereotype may come during weekends and holidays, and then again the same round. Doesn´t it matter to them? I would be terribly bored if my every day was the same. But, fortunately, it is not. Yesterday was completely different than today, and I´m sure that tomorrow will not resemble it either.

I´m glad that my life is free of routine. Something new happens every day. Sometimes new guests arrive, and sometimes I see a rainbow out the window. It´s always different, new, funny. People's lives are dull, mine is not. But maybe it's because I'm not a human. I´m room. Light Blue Room.
My entry for :iconfreedom-from-words: contest: [link]

prompt stereotypes

As English isnt my native language, please pardon any grammar mistakes.
Also if you read and like it, please leave comment or at least fav. It means a lot. Thanks.
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SonAmyFan362 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Professional Writer

Beautiful work! Very well written!


I love how you make me feel for the room as it goes through moments in everyday life, and that every day for the room is different.


I like how you kept things simple, such as using general names for various people.


Another thing I really like from this work is that it shows the things many people take for granted.


You're very talented, and I am happy to have read this wonderful story.

lulu-illussions Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! Im really honoured by all your compliments. Your comments always cheer me up so much. :bow:
SonAmyFan362 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Professional Writer

You're welcome.

I'm glad that my Comments cheer you up. :D!

johnnyd2 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ShinestoneL Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012
Nicely written. I like your story flow.
lulu-illussions Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you. Im glad that you like it:hug:
pianokeys457 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Student Writer
This is really interesting! C: I like it a lot. Especially the perspective, very creative. :D
lulu-illussions Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! Such a compliment is surprise to me. Im happy that you like it. :hug:
pianokeys457 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Student Writer
No problem c: I love to support my fellow writers, especially when they have such good writing, like you!
lulu-illussions Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wolvesmaycry Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:clap: Love it, thanks for entering <3
lulu-illussions Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you:hug:
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