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Alphabet of Supach
A poet who likes to rhyme words
But also tries new poetry forms
Challenge accepted – poem made
Doing what she likes all the time
Enjoying art of words, their flow
Forming something beautiful from letters
Getting time for other likes as well
Hobbies form a long list, filling time
Investigating pretty world with camera
Just pose – she likes taking photos
Knitting them together like a mosaic
Liking to capture the best moment
Making shots here and there but also
Not shying from sharing them with word
Others enjoying poems and photos too
Painting, to express more or artist´s self
Rally to join our fellow artist in her quest to
Share joy of creating art in many forms
The end.
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 3 2
Cats are always wild
Lazily staring
at the bird on tree´s branch
cute little predator
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 2 3
Garden of Hell
Sighing, Hiroshi slipped under the arch of climbing branches, enjoying the feel of soft grass and moss under his feet. It was quite a change compared to any other place in Hell - here, in the castle´s gardens, it looked almost as another world, green and full of flowers and life. This would be the first place in Hell where he´ll take Retsu, he was sure of it
He only must corrupt the angel beforehand.
Thrilled by the idea, Hiroshi allowed himself a smirk. It wouldn´t take much longer to achieve his goals, that was certain given the fluency of Retsu´s transformation. The seeds of doubt and selfish desires which Hiroshi planted in his mind during numerous talks started to grow and with every additional meeting, with every extra moment spent together, Hiroshi could feel Retsu was shifting from his angelic heritage towards demon´s awaiting arms. It wouldn´t take much longer. It couldn´t take much longer. Hiroshi lusted for red haired angel to
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 2 0
Mature content
Fall of an angel :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 2 0
Beginning of great journey
Kicking away his bed sheets, Jonathan quickly rolled out of the bed. Finally, it was here! This was the day! Impatiently, he dressed up, putting on his favourite jeans and bright green T-shirt. Then he added a sweater for good measure, if only to assure his mom that he wouldn´t freeze to death in mid-summer. He even spared few moments to brush his brown hair before hurrying off to the kitchen.
This was it!
“Look who got up early,” his father joked when Jonathan sat and began practically inhaling his breakfasts.
“Slow down,” his mom said gently. “There´s no need to choke on it.”
“Buh iths hodaaa!” Jonathan retorted with his mouth full of bread. When his both parents raised their eyebrows at him, he swallowed to repeat: “it´s today, I don´t have time to waste!”
“I packed you everything necessary,” his mom said and placed a hand on the backpack sitting next to Jon
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 3 2
Mature content
Temptation :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 2 0
darkness has come
finally swallowing all joy
all goes black, humour forgotten
no point to joke anymore
no point to anymore
no point
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 4 0
Chestnuts Acrostic
Colourful leaves ornament treas
Hight in crowns creating halo of
Enchanting autumn rainbows
Still, under the beauty of leaves
Thin needles rest hidden, and yet
No defense discourages collectors -
Us, who enjoy having chestnuts around
To remind us of autumn and warmt of
Summer which is already gone
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 2 0
Double campfire limerick
Whispers said in the shadow of fire
Low voice paining image of fear so dire
Bravest flinch from the dark
Yet scare fades without mark
That´s spell of stories told at the campfire
Secrets are told in night fire´s ominous glow
Words of scary rumours and myths just flow
Flinch, fear, freeze
Touched by breeze
And fire keeps holding monsters away by its glow
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 3 0
Mature content
First impressions :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 1 3
Roses haiku
Flower red as blood
with petals soft as velvet
thorns hidden by leaves
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 3 3
Mature content
Making up :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 2 2
Mature content
Attachments :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 2 3
Mature content
Together :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 3 3
Haiku - Make art!

Power of artist
lies in patience, practice and
making the first step
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 3 1
Mature content
Change of pace :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 2 2

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Check my COMMISSIONS.:typerhappy:

What I write:
* original stories
* stories about your OCs
* fanfiction (depends on fandom, but we can still discuss it)
* mature content (as long as it´s not porn)

Prices for prose:
* short story (about 500-800 words): 150:points:
* 1000-5000 words: every 1000 words = 300:points:
* 6000-10000: every 1000 words = 600:points:
* over 10k words: every 1000 words = 1000:points:

Prices for poetry:
* haiku: 20:points:
* short poem (rhymed or free verse): 30:points:
* poem with specific form (price depends on how complicated form you want): 30-50:points:

If you´re interested in commissioning me, just send me note and we´ll discuss details.

Examples of my literature comissions:…


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After writing commissions for a few years, I decided to update my price list again, because I don´t want to underprice my time and work. New prices apply to all new commissions from today and they reflect my numerous experiences with writing stories on request (over 60 sold story commissions) and improvements of my English grammar over time.

Would you like to read about your favourite characters? To see your OCs in story which would be exactly like you want? This is your chance to get a story commission of almost any genre!

To commission me, send me a note with following information:

- type of commission: prose (+ length of story) / poetry (+ type of poem)

- description of what you want (of theme, characters, plot ideas...)


Terms of service:

* I don´t have to accept commission 
* full payment before I start working on commission 
* full refunds only if you cancel commission before I start writing it, otherwise I only  refund part of points (depending on how much I already wrote)
* I keep promised deadlines, but if something serious happens, I can take longer to finish your commission (you´ll get noted about it asap)

What I write:
* original stories
* stories about your OCs
* fanfiction (depends on fandom, but we can still discuss it)
* mature contents except of too explicit scenes

What I don´t write:
* anything that I find ideologically sensitive, insulting or illegal
* porn or too explicit things
* too much gore/violence

Prices for prose:

* short story (about 500-800 words) = 150:points:
* 1000-5000 words every 1000 words = 300
* 6000-10000: every 1000 words = 600
* 10000 words and more: every 1000 words = 1000:points:

Examples of stories I wrote on requests:

  New acquaintances“Is it necessary?” Stork whined into the comlink.
“Bring the equipment!” was the only reply he got, stressed with an angry hum of static.
“Can´t we send someone else? Like new recruits?”
“Bring equipment!”
“Roger, sir.” Sighing, Stork turned the comlink off and carefully put it in his pocket. Why it had to be him who would be sent into this crazy mass of people to buy supplies for the Condor? They should send someone replaceable, in case that something happens during the shopping.
Hesitantly, Stork headed towards the exit. His task for today was to refill the stock items by buying new equipment at the flea market. It shouldn´t be too hard, but Stork could see at least 100 ways how this mission could go wrong. Not to mention that this was his first visit on this abandoned terra and he wasn´t familiar with its dangers. The idea made him almost stop in his tracks. Who knows what k
  First impressions“This is stupid idea,” Hiroshi complained again.
“Nonsense,” Retsu argued back, “I´m sure that you´ll get along just fine. Come on,” he added, turning away from the omelette which he was preparing, “it´s not like my family visits all the time. They´ll be here only for a week and who knows when I´ll get another chance to introduce you to them.”
Sighing, Hiroshi added another cube of sugar into his coffee. Usually, he liked it black and strong, but this time he felt he would need extra energy. His boyfriend (damn the word, but he couldn´t deny being in relationship after year and half of dating) had idiot idea to invite his parents and brother to meet him.
“Why did I agree?” Hiroshi wondered aloud, glaring draggers at the red haired man at the stove. Retsu was already used to his rough behaviour so he only shrugged.
“Stop complaining,” he said. “You won&

Prices for poetry:

* haiku = 20:points:
* short poem (you can chose between rhymed or free verse) = 30:points:
* poem with specific form (price depends on how complicated form you want) = 30-50:points:

Examples of poetry:

Birth of succubus At the dusk of dark star
Shining bright
Soaking in raw black light
Wild and waste in its power
Spark took its form and body
Endlessly twisted around single word
Fire that burns itself
Devouring and exceeding all limitations
Tamed to control and rule
Superabundantly eating itself
Creation and annihilating
Taking form without body
Watching protecting accompanying
never serving
Time to rise
To shine
Carving mind into body
Embodiment of waste power
Raw in its true form
  Roses haikuFlower red as blood
with petals soft as velvet
thorns hidden by leaves

If you´re interested in commissioning me, just send me note and we´ll discuss details.

Open slots for long stories (1000 words and more): 
1. :iconvainbanana2: - 4000 words - PAID - deadline: 30.11.2017 -DONE
2. :iconlancol: - 3000 words - PAID - deadline: 17.12.2017 (email) - DONE
3. :iconcatprog: - 5000 words - PAID - deadline: 31.12.2017 
4. :iconj1a2c3k4: - 5000 words - PAID - deadline: 10.1.2018
5. :iconvainbanana2: - 4000 words - PAID - deadline: 15.1.2018
6. :iconlancol:3000 words - PAID - deadline: 24.12.2017 (email)

Open slots for short stories (500-800 words): 
1. :iconvainbanana2: - PAID - deadline: 6.12.2017 - DONE

Open slots for poetry:



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